Starting a Business

Being a business owner is no easy feat. However, our goal is to assist where we can to help you gain a better understanding of the tax and accounting side of being a business owner. That is exactly what this page is for!

We did an 9 part series on everything you need to know when starting a new business, on both our Blog and Small Business Tax Savings Podcast.

This series stemmed from a conversation I had a bit ago with a brand new business owner. They were completely lost and no idea where to start.

That got me thinking that we should do a series on this specific topic so I ran it past everyone in our Free Facebook Group and with overwhelming support, everyone wanted it. So here we are!

Outlined below is an easy access guide to each topic, blog post, and Podcast episode.

1. What Initial Things Should I Consider When Starting A New Business?


2. Should I Stay a Sole Prop or Organize an LLC or Corporation?


3. How Do I Setup An LLC or Corporation?


4. Do I Need To Do Bookkeeping For My Business?


5. How Do I Hire Employees In My Business?


6. What Do I Need To Know About Taxes As A Business Owner?


7. How Do I Pay Myself As A Business Owner?


8. What Are Estimated Taxes and How Do I Pay Them?


9. What Apps Do I Need As A New Business Owner?


BONUS: Starting a Business Series - Q&A Session


BONUS: Interview with MJ DeMarco a International Best-Selling Author (The Millionaire Fastlane)


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