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As a small business owner, you deserve to keep every possible dollar of your profits. But you can’t be expected to be an expert on all things tax. That’s why we’re here to help.

The Small Business Tax Savings Podcast was created by business owners for business owners. We answer your questions each week and walk you through the strategies you need to minimize your taxes so you can win in your business!

Mike Jesowshek, CPA

Podcast Host

Dynamic and ambitious, Mike is an accomplished professional dedicated to helping business owners achieve success. With both a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's in Accounting, he is well-equipped with the qualifications and expertise necessary to understand the complexities of tax planning. He is also a licensed CPA, providing him with even more insight into this field.

Mike has extensive entrepreneurial experience, having been the CFO and co-founder of several companies throughout his career. With a passion for business growth, he has faced many highs and lows – allowing him to develop effective strategies for overcoming any challenge along the way.

As the founder and host of The Small Business Tax Savings Podcast, Mike strives to empower business owners by imparting them with the knowledge they need to make wise decisions when it comes to their taxes. His ultimate goal? For every business owner to know the strategies that are available to them to ensure that they are paying the least amount in taxes as legally possible, each and every year!










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