Bookkeeping Is The Back Bone To Every Business!

Everyday we talk to business owners who do not understand bookkeeping and the importance of it. That is why we set out on a mission to change that. The sooner you understand the importance of bookkeeping in your business the faster you will be on a road to success!

With so much confusion about what bookkeeping is and why every business needs bookkeeping, we did an 8 part series on everything you need to know, on both our Blog and Small Business Tax Savings Podcast.

Outlined below is an easy access guide to each topic, blog post, and Podcast episode.

1. What Is Bookkeeping and Why Do I Need Bookkeeping For My Business?

2. What Are Bookkeeping Debits, Credits, and Chart of Accounts?

3. What Is Cash and Accrual Accounting?

4. What Is An Income Statement vs Balance Sheet?

5. How Do I Read An Income Statement and Why Is It Important?

6. How Do I Read A Balance Sheet and Why Is It Important?

7. What is the Statement of Cash Flows? Any Other Important Financial Statements?

8. Top 7 Most Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Made

BONUS: Panel Discussion with JETRO Bookkeeping Team

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Want To Dig Deeper?

We have taken our years worth of bookkeeping advice and training and compiled it in an online library consisting of content, videos, and documents. 

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