What Is a SIMPLE IRA or Payroll Deducted IRA?

Feb 01, 2021

When we are working with businesses that have employees and want to offer a retirement option but may not want to get too complicated with a 401k, we usually land on two main options:

  • Payroll Deducted IRA

What Is a SIMPLE IRA and What Do I Need To Know About SIMPLE IRAs?

SIMPLE IRA plan (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) allows employees and employers to contribute to pre-tax IRAs set up for employees.

  • Contributions and Matching
    • Contributions up to $13,500 for 2021.
    • Employer can choose from a 2% contribution to all eligible employees OR a 3% matching contribution (only those who choose to contribute).
  • Tax Advantages
    • Business contributions are deductible business expenses.
    • Investment gains are tax deferred until distribution.
    • Roth option NOT available.
  • Filing and Compliance
    • Employer does not need to file a 5500.
    • Discrimination testing is not required.
  • Notes
    • If you are a business owner with employees but want to keep retirement “simple”, this is a great easy option.

What Is A Payroll Deducted IRA and What Do I Need To Know About A Payroll Deducted IRA?

A placeholder until your company is ready to onboard a full on retirement plan.

  • Definition
    • An employee establishes an IRA (either a Traditional or a Roth IRA) with a financial institution.
    • The employee then authorizes a payroll deduction for the IRA.
    • The employer’s responsibility is simply to transmit the employee’s authorized deduction to the financial institution. 
  • Contributions and Matching
    • Contributions up to $6,000 for 2021.
    • Employer does NOT match contributions.
    • Employer deductions contributions from employee’s paycheck and sends to the financial institution.
    • All employees may participate.
  • Tax Advantages
    • Employee contributions and investment gains may enjoy tax deferral until distribution.
    • Both traditional and Roth IRAs available
  • Filing and Compliance
    • Employer does not need to file a 5500.
    • Discrimination testing is not required.
    • Once the employer submits the contributions, they have no further responsibility.

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