What Do I Need To Know About Retirement Plan Deadlines?

Jun 10, 2021

You may have gone through all of our retirement articles and Podcast episodes and found the perfect retirement plan for you. Now you need to know some deadlines around that.

When do you need to implement the plan by?

When do you need to fund the plan by?

We are going to outline exactly that here today!

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Retirement Plan Deadlines or Dates To Remember

You will want to be sure to give yourself ample amount of time to ensure not running up on a deadline.

  • January 1 – Start Of Plan Year
    • This is the start of the plan year for most retirement plans that are on a calendar year schedule. 
  • April 15 – IRA
    • Deadline for IRA implementation or contributions for previous tax year.
  • October 1 – Safe Harbor 401k + Simple IRA
    • Deadline to implement these plan types for current tax year.
  • October 15 – 401(k) Plan + SEP IRA
    • Deadline to implement and contribute towards all 401(k) plans in the employER portion or a SEP IRA (tax filing date including extensions).
    • NOTE: September 15 for Partnerships and S Corporations
  • November 1 – Switching From Simple IRA to 401(k)
    • Deadline for 60-day notice to employees of switching from a Simple IRA to a 401(k) for the next tax year.
  • December 31 – 401(k) Plan – EmployEE Portion
    • Deadline for implementation and contributions for employees to contribute towards a 401(k) plan for current tax year.

What Else Should I Know?

Some other key things to know about retirement plans in general.

  • You can only have one company retirement plan in place at one time.
  • You cannot make a change within a calendar year, you must wait until January 1.
    • Ex: Lets say you have a SIMPLE IRA but want to move to a Safe Harbor 401k. You would be able to do that but you could need to wait until January 1 to make the official change.
  • Don’t wait, get on top of it early. The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling close to a deadline and missing out.

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