Small Business Tax Savings Podcast - 3 Years in Review

Jun 29, 2021

3 Years?! I cannot believe it has already been 3 years with the Podcast. Lets take this time to look back and see what has happened, what's new, what's next, and how you can help!

3 Years In Review

What's New?

  • New Logo / Website
    • We have recently launched our new Small Business Tax Savings Podcast logo.
    • A few months ago we redesigned our Podcast website.
  • Tax Minimization Program Launch
    • We officially launched our Tax Minimization Program for those listeners that want to take what we discuss on the Podcast and dive even deeper.
  • 1,000s of Regular Happy Listeners
  • 10's of 1,000s Listener Questions Answered

What's Next?

  • We will continue to bring you weekly episodes targeting your questions and the needs of everyday business owners.
  • Every week we are adding more and more content to our Tax Minimization Program to ensure that every business owner has the option to pay the least amount in taxes as legally possible.

How Can You Help?

Promotion - Win a T-Shirt and 1 Year Subscription to the Tax Minimization Program

  • One Lucky Random Winner Will Receive:
    • Our signature "Stay Humble, Hustle Hard" T-Shirt and Technology Sticker Set
    • 1 Year Subscription to the Tax Minimization Program ($1,188 Value)
  • How To Enter:
    • Submit a Review w/ Comment on Apple Podcasts
    • Share Our Podcast on Social Media
    • Email Screenshot Proof with the subject line "Promo Entry" to:  Ask [at]
    • Random Winner will be chosen on August 16, 2021
  • Notes:
    • Current Tax Minimization Program members will be given 2 entries for their review. Be sure to indicate in your email if you are a current member.
    • If a current member happens to be selected your subscription billing will be put on pause for 12 months.

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